Here we will put some of our art lessons and art work!

Chinese New Year Draw Along--Lion Dancers



Today we are looking at a famous painting that features the moon in the phase we currently are in! What is that called? WANING CRESCENT!

Starry Starry Night is a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. He is one of the world's most famous artists but his life was not without trouble. We will watch a moving tribute to his life in this video that features his paintings. There is also an analysis of the song lyrics as they relate to his life.
As you watch the video of all his paintings, notice his style. We'll be focusing on his use of swirls and circles as we examine Starry, Starry Night, a painting that will connect with our Moon Journal observations!

First of all, take a look at this video of Vincent Van Gogh's Artwork in this video.

This is the painting we are going to study and try to emulate. That means we are going to try to create our own.
The photo below was taken in my house as Starry, Starry Night hangs in my living room. I'll have to tell you the story of how I acquired it in Asia! In today's activity, we are paying close attention to how Van Gogh draws attention to the night sky using swirls and circular shapes, along with using a few colors. Pay close attention to the details. We'll leave this painting up to do our sketching.
Starry Starry Night 007.cropped painting only.jpg.jpg

We are going to look at Starry Starry Night and draw our own version!

Step 1: Draw your own version of STARRY STARRY NIGHT using a PENCIL and WHITE CARDSTOCK.

Feel free to make changes in your own as you see fit. If you want to make it more look like your neighborhood, a place you know, a place in your dreams, etc. GO FOR IT! This is YOUR Starry Starry Night creation.

The criteria for success is that you focus on the night sky and you use both swirls and circles to enhance it.

Starry Starry Night Black and White Drawing.img578.jpg.jpg

2. Start with the MOON first. Put in whatever phase is your favorite, or feel free to copy Vincent's style. You'll want to focus on the swirls and circles at this stage.

3. Add the stars and their respective circles. (You can put in more or less as you see fit)

4. Pay attention to the blue swirls in the sky. Add those swirls into your drawing.

5. Next, draw the black bushes (or whatever you think that might be at the bottom. (black flames, black trees, etc.)

6. Add the hills.

7. Add the yellow light streak (but remember, all this is in pencil right now.)

8. Finally, add the houses and the bushes in the village as you see fit.

Starry Night Cardstock in Sharpie Marker Only. img605.jpg

9. Now, good artists always check their work. Look back at your sketch and the painting. Do you see anything you want to change. (This is a bit tricky so take your time and modify. I used my eraser a LOT! ;)

10. Once you are satisfied with your work, OUTLINE your work using an BLACK SHARPIE MARKER ONLY.

11. When you are done outlining in marker, ERASE ALLL PENCIL MARKS. (Big erasers work best.)
As you can see, my attempts at recreating Van Gogh's "village" are not nearly at detailed as the original. (The one with the rings are from my art journal where I practice what I'm going to teach you.) As I said, this is tricky, so take your time.

NEXT, we'll add COLOR to our DRAWING of pencil and marker sketch by using OIL PASTELS to get our final product.

STARRY STARRY NIGHT Oil Pastels.img587.jpg.jpg
When you first color, it will look like crayon. Remember, we don't have to fill in all the white because when we do that we will be blending.

We will first focus once again on the sky.
We will mix colors simply by using LIGHTER COLORS FIRST.
If you want a lighter blue, simply use the WHITE CRAYON in that area FIRST.

BEGIN WITH LIGHT COLORS FIRST (white, yellow, light orange, light green, etc.). Then, add the other color.

Make sure when you color that you are coloring in the direction of swirls and circles.

Then add a little of the other. Then you can blend and see how it turns out. Remember to color in the direction of the swirls or circles in order to create the effect that Van Gogh gets in his paintings.

After blending and touching up my work a bit with better oil pastels (the kind I got for our class) my final product looked like this:

Starry Starry Night Blended.img598.jpg

I tried again using a different sheet and only our oil pastels. This time I got this:

Starry Starry Night Oil Pastels ONLY.img608.jpg

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Since we are reading about Dewey the Library Cat and writing stories about cats in our own lives, today we will be learning about symmetry and color contrasts in a cat art project. Our final product will be a cat that covers about 3/4 of the page and colored using oil pastels.This will also give us some experience using oil pastels in a simple project as later we'll have a more difficult project to work on.
CatPastelDrawing Step 5.Blending.img596.jpg

Today we are going to work to create symmetrical drawings of cats using pencil.
We will outline our work in BLACK SHARPIE MARKER
Erase mistakes.
Then, another day, we will use oil pastels to color them in.
1) First, fold your paper in half vertically.
2) Open your paper back up and fold it in half horizontally.
When you open it up, your paper should be in fourths.
3) Outline your pencil marks in BLACK SHARPIE MARKER.
This really looks best when you use a RULER. Be careful, though, to make sure you line it up correctly!
Your paper should look like this:
CatPastelDrawing Step 1.img588.jpg
4) Now, we want to create a cat on our page that covers about 3/4 of our paper.
When you draw the head and body, make sure an even amount is on either side of the lines of symmetry.
(Tail is optional.)

CatPastelDrawing Step 2.img590.jpg
5) Now good artists always check their work. Fine tune your cat, erasing what you want to change and redoing parts you don't like.
6) When you are happy with your work, outline the cat using BLACK SHARPIE MARKER.
7) When you are done outlining, erase any pencil marks.
This will finish our work for today. Your cat should look something like this:

CatPastelDrawing Step 3.img592.jpg

NEXT WEEK: We will use OIL PASTELS to color our cats!
You will learn how to make our cats go from looking
something like this:
CatPastelDrawing Step 4.Coloring.img594.jpg and we'll change it into this:CatPastelDrawing Step 5.Blending.img596.jpg

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external image bat_texture.png
More Fun Bat Art from

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I love this from the site:
I love this from the site:

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Check out instructions on how to create an optical illusion art with paper, a pencil, ruler, and markers!

Optical Illusion

I discovered this lesson from a site called We Heart Art.
You can find the original lesson here, as I've adapted it to instruct you below.
This is not my idea but I thought it looked like something you might enjoy!

external image 9-17-10+019.jpg
"3 Ingredient Art" projects that require minimal supplies with great results! Here is what you need:
A Ruler
A Pencil
2 colored markers --You will need two different colored markers for this activity.
Colored Pencils

Pay close attention to the directions. We need a lot of white space to get the look we want.

1. Start off by drawing 6 intersecting lines on your paper using your PENCIL and RULER
to create the "spokes" on the paper.

It is important that you keep your lines intersecting at the same exact middle point on the paper.

6 lines fit nicely onto the paper.
external image opart+002.jpg

2. Think of your lines as pizza pieces. The next step will focus on EVERY OTHER slice.
Inside EVERY OTHER pizza piece, draw 4 SMILEY FACE MOUTHS )

3. Check to make sure you only drew smiley faces in every other pizza slice.
It is important to leave the other pie pieces BLANK!

4. Using ONE of your marker colors, color in EVERY OTHER smiley face on your pizza slice.
Leave the others WHITE.
Take your time and pay attention to your hand placement to decrease the chance of smearing your marker.

external image opart+001.jpg

5. Once you have colored the smiley face mouths, fill in the blank pizza pieces with 4 SAD FACE MOUTHS (

This will create a crumpled effect on the final product.

Remember to leave every other section WHITE.

external image 9-17-10+018.jpg

7. Use a COLORED PENCIL to shade the edges of the WHITE AREAS.
This creates the 3-dimensional effect where it looks like the pieces are popping out or folding down.

8. You are DONE for today.
On MONDAY, when the marker is dry, we'll be going over the lines with BLACK SHARPIE to make them really POP.

These projects look really impressive and most adults can't figure out "how'd they DO that"?!

Happy creating!

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